Military Member's Wellbeing

Supporting the mental and physical health of veterans and veterans families, the Military Members Shed is providing new ways for our veterans and military members to succeed 

Supporting Our Veterans
Military Members & Veterans Shed

Life in the military provides a special bond that far exceeds a normal employment relationship. It has mateship, endurance, sacrifice and courage as its core pillars and many of these attributes are not fully realised until after leaving the services.

When many servicemen and women leave the military the feeling can almost be described as losing a close family relationship. Many miss the comradery, application of their special training and skills and the close relationships that once existed. Many feel lost.

The Military Members and Veterans Shed is an important project of the Hunter Anzac Memorial Limited as it has a view of assisting members and veterans with an avenue to:

  • Promote awareness of veterans and military members,(retired and still serving), health needs both physical and mental.
  • Provide a space to allow veterans and military members to find and maintain companionship and fellowship.
  • Provide a forum for veterans and military members of all regions and states of Australia to exchange ideas, experiences, network and find support.
  • Allow veterans a place to share skill sets, restorations and projects.

The project will need support from DVA, Legacy, RSL NSW, State and Federal Governments to acquire suitable venues, land and buildings to accommodate veterans projects and assist the Military Armoured Restoration Society. 

Assistance from veterans past and present and also local businesses as sponsors either monetary or in materials.

A subcommittee will be set up to fill positions in fundraising, grant writing, media and promotion of the project.

The Hunter Anzac Memorial Ltd has, as one of its key objectives, responsibility and determination to assist the health and well-being of our Veterans. We believe the concept of Military Members Shed will provide a meeting place where relationships can be renewed and teamwork can come into play again to work together on worthwhile projects.

MARS together with the Hunter Anzac Memorial Limited Military Members Shed (s) program provides a familiar and safe environment for former and current Defence members to gather and work on military heritage projects and in doing so accessing a valuable support network that will help foster good mental health and well-being within the veteran community.

The Military Members Shed will take many forms but all will have the safety, well-being and respect built in to assist Veterans post-military life. Sometimes Veterans supporting other Veterans is all some need. We also see a role for Veterans to play a role in assisting military families, selected community activities and youth support as well.

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