Rescuing the Krawarree

In WWII, five sea ambulance vessels were purpsoe built to save wounded Diggers in and around Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Isalnds. Of those five historic vessels only the Krawaree remains.

Saving Our Military History 
Rescue The Krawarree

Built as a Sea Ambulance to save wounded Diggers in and around the top end of PNG, the AH 1733 Krawarree, is the last surviving vessel of the five that we're built to perform this vital role.

At an impressive 80 feet, and with a hull built from 1000 year old Huon Pine from Tasmania, the Krawarree, while throwing up many challenges, will and already is, attracting leading boat builders, historians and naval experts from around Australia to become involved in this exceptional restoration project.

Plans are being set to have the Krawarree fully restored and floating again. The team at Hunter Anzac Memorial Ltd are very excited to bring the attention of this project to the Australia community and allow them to support this most worthwhile project.

Phase 1 of the Krawarree Rescue project will see her being transported from her current site in Northern NSW (Tweed Heads) to the Thales shipbuilding site in Carrington, Newcastle.

With the complex move scheduled to start on September 27th 2020, we plan to see the Krawarree unloaded at the Thales in Carrington on September 30th. 

Once settled into her new home in Newcastle a comprehensive and most challenging two-year refurbishment program at Newcastle will get underway.

Working with the Australian National Maritime Museum, the Hunter Anzac Memorial project team for the Rescue Krawarree project will be seeking master boat builders, tradespeople, apprentices and volunteers and corporate partners to join together and restore this unique piece of maritime history to her former glory.

Once refurbished the Krawarre will be setting a sailing schedule all round Australia so Veterans, deserving children, youth groups, school children and the general public can all experience a special boat built for the very best of reasons – saving our Diggers! 

With a growing list of port calls already being booked in for 2023, the Krawarree is set to become a true beacon of our tradespeople, our military past and our communities moving forward.

Image 3-Krawarree Project
Image 2-Original Specifications

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