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Hunter Anzac Memoria Limited

The Hunter Anzac Memorial Limited (formerly Branxton Greta Memorial Cycleway), has been primarily established to provide support towards veterans and military members suffering from the effects of post-traumatic stress, depression and other ailments suffered in the course of their service to our nation.

Support from Hunter Anzac Memorial Limited will include, but not be limited to:

  • public awareness to the extent and severity of the problem,
  • putting meaningful programs into place that restore self-worth, teach new skills, and
  • schedule activities that will restore pride and purpose in their lives.

This commitment will also embrace the effects these mental health issues can have on the families of veterans as well and initiatives will be implemented to play a positive & measurable role in bringing about better outcomes.

And finally, the organisation will support and develop specific programs to support other deserving groups – particularly troubled youth suffering mental health issues and homelessness.

Branxton to Greta Memorial Cycleway - Honouring Our History

Veterans will play a key role in maintaining the cycleway and hosting school groups and others visiting the site.

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Military Armoured Restoration Society - Preserving Our History

Veterans will be encouraged to join with restoration programs to bring self-worth, comradery, and sense of purpose back into their lives.

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AH 1733 Krawarree - Supporting & Developing Our Young People

This boat will have an extensive sailing schedule all-round Australian ports and will embrace activities onboard with Veterans providing key seafaring roles. Young Australians will have access to the supervised sailing schedule and programs to support their development.

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Military Members Shed - Supporting Our Veterans And Military Members

The Military Members Shed provides a safe base for ex-military needing to catch up again with other military members and take on agreed projects.

The goal is to provide interesting, worthwhile activities – particularly relating to various Hunter Anzac Memorial projects underway. Members will share the comradery, satisfaction, and elation of meeting deadlines and delivering necessary products.

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The Focus
What We Are Working Towards

Hunter Anzac Memorial Limited is working towards the establishment of a network, a network that supports family members, dependents, spouses of military personal suffering from PTSD, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, domestic violence, marriage breakups, separation, and homelessness. Work with councillors to provide support to veteran’s, also avoiding duplication of other service providers.

Hunter Anzac Memorial Limited will work to addressing the underlying issues facing military members health (physical, emotional, social and spiritual well-being) by decreasing social isolation, regain a sense of purpose in life and to enhance self-esteem by:

  • providing a sense of community
  • providing an environment conducive to learning (restoration and maintenance of armoured vehicles)
  • providing an environment where military skillsets are transferable and useful
  • improve physical health and mental wellbeing
  • reduce the stigma of depression and anxiety
  • increase help-seeking for depression and anxiety

In supporting our veterans and military members we will seek to:

  • engage veterans and military members of all ages, whether they have a disability that is physical or mental, youth, veterans, and other groups of military members of the communities in regional, rural, remote, and urban areas.
  • support the social interaction of military members in transitional periods (e.g. redundancy, bereavement, retirement, ill health, relocation, divorce, respite care) in a non-exclusive, non-judgemental way.
  • To share, disseminate and preserve the physical history, skills, abilities, and interests that are relevant to the Military Members Shed initiative by participation in:
    • Commemoration events (ANZAC Day, Vietnam Veterans Day etc)
      Engagement with schools
    • Participation in community events
    • Veteran talks to community groups
    • Participation in Defence events (family days, open days)

The above current services goals and outcomes, all underpin and support the mental and physical health of veterans and veterans families, our organization provide a very unique structure that enables veterans a release and structure – that is very supportive of our veterans. The projects undertaken by Hunter Anzac Memorial Limited are all design to support veterans, and to enable veterans to honour past service men and women.


How You Can Support These Programs and Projects

Hunter Anzac Memorial Limited, across its programs and projects, creates many opportunities for individuals, corporate, small business and community organisations to help it achieve its goals.

  • Donate
  • Corporate
  • Sponsorship
  • Volunteer
  • Partnerships