Anzac Day 2021

In 2021 the remembrance of Anzac is still as relevant as ever, this year is the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Kapyong, during the Koren War between the 22-25 April 1951. The 3rd Royal Australian Regiment as part of the 27th British Brigade was ordered to the Kapyong Valley.

Supported by New Zealand Artillery, the 3rd Battalion suffered 32 men killed, 59 wounded and 3 missing, the effort and determination shown by them earned the 3rd Battalion a US Presidential Citation.

Throughout the history of the Australian Military, we have always shown grit and determination.

From the early days of the ANMEF, Gallipoli, the Western Front, Long Tan, Afghanistan, Iraq – the ADF has always fought to protect the rights and Freedoms of others around the world:

In Countries, we have never knew existed,

For faces, we have never seen,

And their voices they have never heard.

We can be proud to be Australians – lest we forget

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