Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day… what it means to me – Brett Wild, Chairman Hunter Anzac Memorial Limited

It’s a time to reflect on the sacrifice of especially WW1 men that went over the top (from trenches) knowing they would certainly be mowed down by machine guns, their resole to be with their mates in the face of certain death.
And to remember all the Australian Defence Force personnel that have served not only Australia but all that have gone to war and peacekeeping mission to uphold the rule of law, fight and protect those around the world that are being oppressed.

To more recent times where the ADF has protected and supported our communities during bush fire and flood – and to the recent Covid 19 enemy.

The Australian character of our defence forces are laricans to highly trained and skilled personnel, from Gallipoli and a volunteer Army, our defence force is an example to all the world that we are there for all.

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