The AH Krawarree is an Australian Army Sea Ambulance from World War 2 and today marks a significant day in having the boat fully restored and put back in the water again. Launched in 1945 she is built from 100% Huon Pine in 1945 at Launceston – Tasmania. Her sole purpose was to save wounded Diggers fighting fierce battles around our Top End, PNG and the Solomon Islands. Of only five built this one is the last remaining. A newly formed charity, the Hunter Anzac Memorial, has acquired this unique piece of Australia’s wartime efforts and plans to have her made fully operational again. The Chairman of the Hunter Anzac Memorial Mr Brett Wild described the AH Krawarree as one of the most historic WW2 finds in decades “We must restore this boat so she may carry on with the important humanitarian work for which she was built.” He said. “The AH Krawarree is a national treasure and it must be seen and experienced by all Australians whilst carrying out her most important work. She will also do Tasmania and all those master tradesmen and women who built her all those years ago proud!”

The boat has been residing behind a service station in Northern NSW but on Saturday 24th October        she will be loaded onto a special heavy lift trailer and will make the two day journey down the Pacific Highway to Carrington (Newcastle) where specialised refurbishment work will take place. It is expected to take some two years to have the AH Krawarree bought back to looking and operating as new again.

Once made fully operational, the AH Krawarree will have an extensive sailing schedule that will take her to all ports of Australia. In keeping with the Charter of the Hunter Anzac Memorial she will be taking out Veterans, deserving youth and other groups to assist with mental health and other social issues. Whilst primarily for Veterans support the boat will also act as a floating platform from which to teach our children of the sacrifices Australians made then and now to keep us free.

The AH Krawarree was made to help others but is now in need of a hand herself. If you can help with a donation to ‘Rescue the Krawarree’ and help us make this dream a reality we would be eternally grateful. Please visit our website to donate or go to the MyCause site shown below… .

All donations are tax deductable.

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