Supporting Veterans

The Hunter Anzac Memorial’s main priority will always be to improve Veteran's mental health and wellbeing.

How We Support Our Veterans and Military Members

Honouring History

To ensure our rich and proud military history is remembered, respected & well understood by all Australians

Supporting Veterans

To develop and schedule programs & activities that improve the health, well-being & self esteem of our beloved veterans

Preserving History

To actively seek out, restore and preserve military vehicles and to showcase them at remembrance events

Youth & Community

To best use our assets & resources to instil confidence, self worth and respect amongst our youth and deserved Australians

Hunter Anzac Memorial

The Hunter Anzac Memorial Ltd is a Charity determined to make a difference.

We will support our proud military history and embrace ways to better educate current & future generations. We will work closely with our Veterans and embrace programs that improve mental health, self-worth and respect. We will use our resources to work with troubled youth and deserved community groups to increase self-confidence, self-esteem and to reduce suicide rates.

The newly formed Hunter Anzac Memorial has embarked on the following projects;

  • The Branxton Greta Memorial Cycleway
  • Preserving and restoring our Military Armoured Vehicles for future events like Anzac Day
  • Military Sheds for ex-servicemen and women
  • Restore the AH Krawarree a magnificent 1945 100% Huon Pine - Sea Ambulance
  • Military history learning resources for educators.

Each of these projects requires Veteran, Community and Youth participation in order to be successful. These activities will impart confidence and a sense of achievement for participants.

Our goals can only be achieved through public and corporate support. Please help us to make a difference.

Thank you.


Brett Wild
Hunter Anzac Memorial Limited

The Hunter Anzac Memorial Projects And Programs

Programs and projects to help remember our military past, support our veterans and stay connect with our communities and young people.

Remembering Our Past and Connecting With Our Youth

Branxton to Greta Memorial Cycleway

Joining the towns of Branxton and Greta in the central area of the Hunter Region in NSW, the new cycleway will become a dedicated memorial to the many Hunter Valley men and women who served their nation in uniform. 

Along the cycleway will be many reflections points highlighting those who have served in wars and other peacekeeping missions since federation

We are hopeful the Memorial will have ongoing Veteran participation through the hosting of school groups, events and ongoing maintenance. 

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BGMC Family Cycling II
Connecting With Our History and Supporitng Our Veterans

Military Armoured Restoration Society

The Military Armoured Restoration Society (MARS) has been established to preserve Military vehicle history, by acquiring military vehicles that have been withdrawn from Military Service and then restoring them for use in remembrance days and other community events. The actual restoration will be done by Veterans who will yearn for mateship, sense of purpose and a strong desire to achieve something worthwhile.  

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Supporting Our Veterans and Supporting Our Community

Military Members Shed

The Military Members Shed was established to bring veterans together to work on, support and manage the projects and activities undertaken by the Hunter ANZAC Memorial Ltd. 

The Military Members Shed is also a place that embraces mateship that underpins past military life. It is a place where veterans and military members find companionship and fellowship while working on initiatives and activities that support themselves, their families and their communities.

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Image 5-Krawarree AH1733
Preserving Our Military History

AH 1733 Krawarree

Built-in 1945 as a sea ambulance to save wounded Diggers in and around the top end of Australia, PNG and the Solomons, the AH Krawarree is the last surviving vessel of the five that were built to perform this most important role.

The AH Krawarree is an impressive boat over 80' long and with a hull master built from 1000-year-old Huon Pine from Tasmania. The project is attracting enormous attention from leading boat builders from around Australia who want to be involved in restoring this most exceptional piece of Australian wartime history. 

Once refurbished the Krawarree will re-enter the water and fulfil a busy schedule of travelling around Australian ports giving Veterans special sailing days, adopting youth programs and working in with deserved charities wanting to use the resources for their best interests particularly in relation to assisting with mental health issues. 

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Connecting Our Youth

Education & Curriculum Development

The Hunter Anzac Memorial Ltd is proud to be working with Tracey Breese, Kurri Kurri High School Principal and inspiring education leader in the NSW Department of Education. The relationship will support the development of learning resources that will be directly connected to recognised NSW and Australian education syllabuses.    

Hunter Anzac Memorial Limited - Education & Curriculum Development

How You Can Support These Programs and Projects

Hunter Anzac Memorial Limited, across its programs and projects, creates many opportunities for individuals, corporate, small business and community organisations to help it achieve its goals.

  • Donate
  • Corporate
  • Sponsorship
  • Volunteer
  • Partnerships